Are Blogs Useful for Media Companies?

On Monday and Tuesday, we’ll be at the ClickZ Weblog Business Strategies 2003 Conference & Expo in Boston, where on Tuesday morning we’ll be sitting on a panel entitled Weblogs: New Syndication Models Or Uncontrolled Platforms? Here is its description in the conference program:

“No business is likely to be more affected by Weblogs than the media business. Do Weblogs threaten mainstream media by fragmenting their audiences and offering separate, uncontrolled platforms to individual employees? Or do they offer opportunities to develop targeted services and new syndication models? Bloggers, media executives and media commentators explore the impact of Weblogs on traditional media businesses.”

David Shnaider, former president ZDNet and a founder of Prodigy, will moderate the panel. My fellow panelists will be Editor & Publisher Rafat Ali, President & Creative Director Jeff Jarvis, and Editor Elizabeth Spiers.