Micropayments Conference; November 3rd, NYC

We’ll be moderating the online publishing panel at the Micropayments Conference on Monday, November 3rd, in New York City. Because this conference is being organized by Peppercoin, a micropayments system vendor, we were initially skeptical that this conference would become a sales pitch by that one vendor. But, having examined the program, we think Peppercoin is organizing a worthwhile event. Among the speakers and panelists: the CTO of Sun Microsystems, the COO COO & executive producer of BillOReilly.com, the New Media manager of VIBE/SPIN Ventures, the executive editor of Fortune.com, the SVP & GM of Nickelodeon Online, the CFO of MusicMatch, and our friend, Jimmy Guterman, the editor-in-chief of Gaming Industry News. We expect that Peppercoin will dominate the event, but the speakers we list here are well worth hearing.