Internet Users by Nation

2003 Internet Users by Nation.gif
eMarketer, in a story about RedSheriff’s report about the top Australian Web sites by traffic, presents this interesting bar chart displaying both the sheer numbers of consumers online in major countries plus the percentage those users represent of their national population. [One of the reasons we subscribe to eMarketer’s daily newsletter is that company’s excellent charts.]

RedSheriff’s “report on Internet usage in Australia says that the majority of Internet users (84%) there have been using the Internet for more than two years, with almost half having used the Internet for over 5 years. Aussies are logging on more often and for longer, with the mean number of hours per week increasing from 5.6 to 6.5 in 2003 and those with a broadband connection using the Internet for a still greater length of time, on average 9.3 hours per week.

The average Australian receives 17 e-mails daily (a 48% increase from last year) but and 7 percent of online Australians receive more than 60 e-mails daily. An estimated 24 percent of all e-mails received in Australia are spams. Despite the large differences in the numbers of emails received, there is not such a great differentiation in the proportion of emails read: an average 64% of emails (including spams) received by Australians are read.

There was but one publishing or broadcasting company among the ten most trafficked Australian Web sites, according to RedSheriff. It’s, the Sydney Morning Herald.