Exploring Freedom of Expression in a Digital World

On Thursday afternoon, we’ll be speaking about Credibility & Responsibility in an Age of the Individual’s Media at the University of Missouri’s Center for the Digital Globe. CDiG is holding its 2nd Annual Fall Symposium, entitled Exploring Freedom of Expression in a Digital World.

The other speakers will be Art Brisbane, publisher of The Kansas City Star, and University of Missouri Professors Suraj Commuri of the College of Business, Patricia Fry of the School of Law, and Clyde Bentley and Charles N. Davis, both of the School of Journalism.

When Matt Drudge’s reporting and not traditional journalism leads to the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal, when bloggers’ concerns spark stories that ultimately lead to the resignation of Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, when dozens of stories in The New York Times are discovered to be false, when the National Enquirer refuses to publish exposes about gubernatorial candidate Arnold Schwarznegger but The Los Angeles Times does, which media should a citizen consider to be credible?