Mobile Marketing Association Issues Code of Conduct

The Mobile Marketing Association has released its ‘Code of Conduct for Wireless Campaigns‘. We think that online publishers should fit within this code, if not do even better.

The MMA Code’s pertinent points:

    Consumers must “opt-in” to all mobile messaging programs. Consumers may Opt-in to a program by sending a text message, calling a voice response unit, registering on a website, or through some other legitimate paper-based method; they opt-in for a specific program only. Control Consumers must also be allowed to easily terminate — opt-out — their participation in an ongoing mobile messaging program through channels identical to those through which they can opt-in to a given program. Programs with multiple message strings must provide an opt-out option for each message.

    As mobile messaging campaigns are most effective when appropriately targeted, consumers could be asked to provide demographic, preferences and other information. Consideration The consumer must receive and/or be offered something of value to them in return for receiving the communication. Value may be delivered in the form of product and service enhancements, reminders, sweepstakes, contests, information, entertainment, discounts or location based services.

    The marketer, content provider, or aggregator must provide a global “throttling mechanism” capable managing and limiting mobile messaging programs to a reasonable number of programs. Consumers should be able to override the throttle.

    The Mobile Marketing Association will align with TRUSTe with specific provisions on not renting, selling or sharing personal information about consumers participating in programs delivered through its platform with other people or nonaffiliated companies except to provide the products and services requested.

Good to see that the MAA has chosen explicit opt-in.

The MMA’s press release about the Code says, “The Mobile Marketing Code of Conduct is broken into six categories: Choice, Control, Customization, Consideration and Confidentiality.” You’ll note that is only five categories. Maybe another category will be forthcoming?