Who Is Really Isolated?

This week, I’ve been hearing a lot of traditional media executives say that if you allow consumers to customize their own media, then ‘each consumer will become isolated in his own world.’

Wake up! Each consumer has always been isolated in his or her own world. They are today; they were 50 years ago; and they will be tomorrow.

When I recommend that consumers be able to customize their own media, I’m not talking about them changing. I’m talking about media companies changing to fit an integral characteristic of their customers.

For centuries, analog technologies have limited those media companies to producing generic products — not because consumers were generic, but because those technologies could produce nothing else.

Most media companies have become so accustomed to producing generic products that they actually believe that their customers are generic. Those are the companies that can’t understand why their readerships or viewerships are declining.

Read what I wrote yesterday about the inertia of these companies.

One Reply to “Who Is Really Isolated?”

  1. So, they *don’t* think I pick up the paper, read the business and sports sections, then the comics, then put the paper down? Does that make me “isolated in my own world”?

    “Wake Up!” is right.

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