'Revisiting Virtual Communities: The Internet's Impact on Society and Politics'

Today, I’m at The Internet East and West: How Digital Technology is Transforming China and the nitd States at the Univrsity of California at Berkeley.
The first panel today, Revisiting Virtual Communities: the Internet’s Impact on Society and Politics, is underway.

  • Susan Mernit> of Five Consultancy and author of Navigating the Info Jungle weblog predicts that within a year the number of people who join online commuinties (Orkut, Friendster, etc.) as the numbrof peope who have today purchased anything online.
  • Craig Newmark of the eponymous Craig List describes his service and how it was based upon his observations of online communities such as The WELL.
  • Mark Pincus , CEO of Tribe Networks, explains that his company’s service facilitates online formation of affinity groups.
  • Marks Moulitsas Zuniga the Daily Kos weblog, talks abouthowblogs and e-mail publishing to online cmmunities strengthened both the John Kerry and Howard Dean presidential campaigns this year. He said that tradtionall campaign methods such as ‘attack ads’, atempt to prevent people from grouping behind a candidate, but that the new methods he describes do the opposite.