British Online Usage 1999-2003 Increased 8X

Between 1999 and 2003, the time Britons spent online increased by eightfold, according to a report today in netimperative. Text messaging has increased fifteen-fold. People in the UK now spend more money on mobile phones than fixed-line telephony.

By contrast, the growth of traditional media has been paltry. UK television viewing increased by only 2 percent and radio listening by 6 percent

The report details how there are now almost 50,000 new broadband subscribers every week (DSL and cable), up from around 40,000 additions a week in late 2003. The total number of UK broadband subscribers is on par with the number in France and Germany. More than one-third of Internet households now have a broadband connection.

More than 85 percent of UK households now own at least one mobile phone. more than 20 percent of consumers now regard their mobile phone as their main device for making and receiving calls.