The Rising Popularity of Video News Online

Finally, a report (PDF format)) from the Online Publishers Association about which I agree!

Its study of 27,841 Internet users on 25 of its members sites found that watching video online is becoming increasingly popular and that news videos were the most popular form of that content.

Twenty seven percent of those users view online video at least once per week and five percent of them view it daily. A majority of users (51 percent) watch video online at least once per month.

Perhaps because worktime is for work, online video viewers were more likely to watch from home than work: 35 percent said they frequently watch online video from home and only 16 percent said they did so from work. However, the numbers who said they occasionally do was closer: 40 percent from home versus 32 percent from work. Combine those frequencies and 85 percent of users watch online videos from home at least once per month and 48 percent do so from work.

News was the favorite form of content (66 percent), followed in popularity by cinema clips or trailers (49 percent), music videos (29 percent), and sports videos (27 percent). The study doesn’t mention it, but keep in mind that 14 of the 25 OPA websites on which the users were polled are devoted to general news, business news, and sports news, so some of the results might be self-selecting.

The study found a significant gender skew among online video viewers: 63 percent were male, though only 49% of all Internet users were. I wonder how much of that 14 percent difference was simply due to the online availability of sports videos probably being much more popular among men than women? The report noted that sports videos were the most frequently watched form of content, viewed slightly more frequently and much longer than news videos.

Seventy percent of the Internet users have seen a video advertisement online. Remarkably, 44 percent of them (31 percent of the total) took some positive action (checked out a Web site, went to a store, or purchased, etc.) towards the product as a result of seeing the ad.