Podcasting As A Truly Unique News Format

In the early days of news via radio, someone would read newspaper stories into the microphone. In the early days of news via TV, someone would read the radio news script into the camera. It took a few years for each of those new means of broadcasting to find their own unique format (notably the addition of ‘you are there’ sound and sight actualities).

We must still be in the early years of podcasting news because most news organizations are still using podcasting as another means to delivery their existing radio or TV programming. Neverthelesss, there are a few nascent examples of podcasting creating a unique form of news delivery.

One of my favorities is the BBC’s weekly StoryFix video podcast. I’ve been watching for four months and am still not sure exactly what it is or what it’s about, but I’am fascinated watching it.

Does anyone else know of any other news organizations that are starting to create a truly unique podcasting format?

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