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What Newspapers And Their Web Sites Must Do To Survive

Why daily newspapers, no matter if in printed or online formats, are declining in usage and why the death of any newspaper’s printed edition dooms its online edition, unless the newspaper industry radically changes. (Published April 3, 2004, in the University of Southern California’s Online Journalism Review)

What is ‘New Media’

A newspaper isn’t a medium, nor are newspapers media. Magazines aren’t media nor is a magazine a medium. Television isn’t a mediumnor is radio nor are radio or television stations media. A website isn’t a medium nor is the Internet media. Only three media exists. Use an analogy between transportation and communications to understand why the new medium (‘New Media’) isn’t a Mass Medium (though it can do all that the Mass Medium can) and why it will supersede the Mass Medium as the predominate medium which people use. (Published April 27, 2006, in Corante’s Rebuilding Media)

Crosbie’s Manifesto

A multi-part essay published here on Digital Deliverance that describes the Greatest Change in Media History and why media companies that pursue ‘Convergence’ strategies are swallowing a placebo.

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