The Dawning of Converge Devices

We have long preached that consumers will soon carry a single portable electronic device for all content usages, rather than carry multiple devices (mobile phone, Personal Digital Assistant, MP3 player, laptop PC, digital camera, etc.) that each deal with only one form of content. We’ve also said that many of these converged devices would begin appearing early in 2002.

The South China Morning Post now reports some of the first of these converged devices to reach the market: The Nokia 5510 (mobile phone + SMS & e-mail device + MP3 player + radio receiver + games player), newest Sony iPaqs (handheld PC + PDA + MP3 player) and Sony-Ericcson phone (mobile phone + digital camera + MP3 player + radio receiver), Handspring Treo (PDA + SMS & e-mail device + mobile phone), and NEC phone (video mobile phone + DoCoMo access to the Internet).