Sledgehammer Superstitials Hit Online Users

The behavioral psychologist Abraham Maslow once noted, “When your only tool is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail.” Unicast ? a New York online advertising technology firm whose name infers anything but interactivity ? today unveiled what might be the banner ad version of the sledgehammer.

Their Superstitial banner is a 300-kilobyte ad that rises to cover approximately two-thirds (550 x 480 pixels) of the computer screen with up to 20 seconds of ‘rich media’ advertising. Despite the Interactive Advertising Bureau‘s recommended 100-kilobyte maximum size for interstitial and pop-up ads, Universal Pictures and have agreed to advertise with Superstitials, DoubleClick has announced its support of Superstitials, and among the networks and publications that have announced they will Superstitials are,, BusinessWeek Online,, Excite,,,,,,,,, Terra Lycos,,, and

Does anyone other than me remember when the majority of what a person saw a computer screen was the Web content that he’d gone to see?