Telefonini Italiani

Some details from the Economists‘ story about Italian mobile phone use:

  • Usage of a what the Italians call at telfonino may exceed 90% of the Italian population this year (perhaps only use of pasta eclipses it).
  • More than half of Italian children aged between nine and ten use mobile phones (a measure of telefonini per bambini?).
  • 87% of cases of marital infidelity established by detectives in Europe during in the past year were unearthed due to tell-tale traces left on mobile telephones. Slightly less than half the cheated parties confirmed their by delving into the call registers of their spouse or partner’s mobile. In the remaining cases, proof was provided by a mobile phone text message.
  • The Vodafone Omnitel mobile network has introduced a service called Alter Ego, which provides two mobile numbers on the same handset. This is ostensibly to help people keep professional and personal calls separate, but – considering the rate of mobile phones used in infidelities – this service might have other uses.