How XML is Implemented in UK Newspapers & Magazines

If you’re in London on Tuesday, attend

    XML in the News: How XML is Being Implemented in Newspapers and Related Media XML and related internet technologies present the news and media industries with more challenges and opportunities than virtually any other business sector. Not only are these technologies transforming the editorial and production processes within newspapers, they also enable news and advertising content to be repurposed across publications and media in ways that ignore geographical boundaries and existing business models. Different players within the industry are responding to the challenges in different ways.

Speakers include David Allen, managing director of the International Press Telecommunications Council from 1991 until his retirement this year; David Jones, former IT Director at the Financial Times and former CIO at the newly merged Trinity Mirror Group; Ian Davies, director of Business Development at Archant newspapers and magazines; Allan Marshall, managing director for Associated Mediabase Associated Newspapers); David Cole, publisher of the Cole Papers; Tony Stewart, chairman of the Technical Working Group of the AdsML Consortium (UK); and Alison Clark, chairwoman of (eXtensible Public Relations Language).