In Which States Are Americas Most Amenable to Online Advertising

In which American states will consumers most likely respond to online advertising? The southeastern, according to an analysis by of 6.9 billion banner ad impressions. eMarketer today provides a good briefing and informative tables about this survey.

Measured regionally, consumers in the ‘South Atlantic’ states were most likely to click banner ads and consumers in the ‘West South Central’ states most likely to be buy the advertised product or service; while consumers in the ‘Mountain’ states were least likely to clickthrough and those in ‘East South Central’ states least likely to buy.

Comparing states to states, the survey found that consumers in New Mexico were most likely to click an ad and those in Vermont most likely to buy. Whether this data indicates that online publishers in those states or regions generate more advertising revenues that those elsewhere is anyone’s guess.

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  1. Adrian: The survey (and hence briefing) say “South Atlantic” states. I changed that to read ‘Southeastern’ in my post because most people outside of the U.S. (a number of whom read my blog) tend to think any region named ‘South Atlantic’ lies somewhere east of Rio de Janiero.

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