'See how many people buy World Series tickets at $250 Each'

Rafat Ali at PaidContent.org a few days ago pointed us to a good essay by John Blossom, entitled Pencil Sharpening: Why Paid Content Struggles to Define Meaningful Price Points. We agree with what Blossom writes, notably about how publishers are wrongly pricing content at what they think ‘the market will bear’ and how:

    “‘What the market will bear’ seems to be the operative heuristic in setting many premium content prices, akin to seeing how many people line up for World Series tickets at $250 a pop on the primary market (and who knows what on the secondary market).

But we think that we better explained the malfunctioning market for online music in our essay, Why Music Stays Free, published in January on JupiterMedia’s ClickZ.com site.

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  1. how many people buy in macy’s?

    how many buy in CVS?

    how many people shop in Wheelans?

    how many people buy in Mays?

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