A Solid, Practical Guide for Commercial Blogging


If you’re a business or a person planning to launch a Web log for a product, service, public relations, lead generation, advocacy, product, service, public relations, or any other business purpose, MarketingWonk has published a solid, practical guide for you.

Business Blogs: How Successful Companies Get Real Results from Weblogs, written by Kate Kaye with help from Rick E. Bruner, cuts through hype and smoke about business use of blogs. Bruner, who I met when we were both speakers at JupiterMedia ClickZ.com’s Weblogs Business Strategies conference this summer, sent me a review copy.

The 102-page guide, which MarketingWonk is selling for US$99, is packed full of fundamental advice about why and how to launch blogs for commercial purposes and how to run them. Kaye and Bruner see blogs as one of the most effective online marketing tools that a business (or even a professional individual) can have. Their guide discusses how blogs are used for corporate leadership, lead generation, customer relations, branding, and product & service management. Chapters examine:

  • The Prevailing Models of Business Blogs
  • A Guide to the Process of Setting up a Business Blog
  • How to Promote Your Business Blog
  • Advertising and Public Relations on Blogs
  • Best Practices: Blogging Dos and Don’ts
  • Legal Considerations for Business Blogs
  • Blog Publishing Platform Review

The guide features 17 case studies from organizations ranging from Microsoft, Macromedia, Nokia, Sega, ESPN, Home Depot, Dr. Pepper, Jones Soda, Mattel, The WB television, Jupiter Research and the US Army, and also contains chapters with blog resources, bibliographies, terminlogy, plus the URLs of more than 50 other examplar business blogs.

Overall, this is the type of guide to commercial blogging that my company wishes it had written. We can heartily endorse it as the starter guide for any business or professional who that wants to start a blog. Indeed, even magazines and newspapers that are launching blogs could use its sage advice.

Business Blogs: How Successful Companies Get Real Results from Weblogs is the first business report to be published by MarketingWonk and we look forward to more good ones from it.

— Vin Crosbie

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  1. I did a search in the search engines on “professional lawyer blog” and I found your web blog. I am a Lawyer in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and thus my interest in searching for a lawyer blog on the WWW looking to see how the rest of the world thinks about lawyers and see what trends and technology are happening in the world. I also was interested in a blog for myself which might possibly lead to a blob for my law firm, you never know, that is if I can understand the technology of operating a blog and from what I see I am somewhat hesitant at the present time.
    It has been interesting reading and I will keep my professional comments to myself.

    Respectfully yours
    B. J. Stephens, LL.B.
    A Halifax Lawyer

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