Shameless Plug? You Be The Judge

Aside my article this week at Online Journalism Review, someone has posted a comment that amuses me:

                Shameless Plug
    I find it more than a little coincidental that Vin’s prescription for online success involves using products quite similar to his PublishMail product, which he has been hawking for years. At the end of this article, I was left thinking that this was a crummy commercial posing as analysis.
               2004-03-05 11:09

You, dear reader, be the judge of that:

  • The sole mention of e-mail is a single sentence amid my 5,400-word article, in paragraph 85 of 113.

  • E-mail publishing isn’t one of the three things that my article recommends.
  • Neither PublishMail nor any other contemporary e-mail publishing application can do the tings I recommended in the article.
  • In in article, I recommended neither any products or any category of products.