'Mac-in-the-Box' Narrowcasting

I’ve agreed to talk on Monday to the University of Missouri’s Online Journalism class. I spoke to them in person last October, but this time I’ll be video narrowcasting the talk from my office in Connecticut. A complication is that ‘Mizzou’ uses Macintoshes (not surprisingly, since Apple Computer sponsor the media lab there) and I use Windows (I had to switch from Macs in 1989 when I had joined Reuters). The video teleconferencing softwares of those two operating systems don’t talk to each other. To solve that, the university is shipping to me a ‘Mac-in-the-Box’ setup that plugs into my office’s Ethernet network.

The class has been asked to examine this Web site. However, I have to note that this is primarily a marketing site for my company. Most of my own writings about new media aren’t here because those writings were for my clients, However, Online Journalism Review recently featured two of my recent works about online publishing and online journalism and JupiterMedia’s ClickZ site features all of my writings on the subject of paid content.