My Thanks to London

I’m back from a week checking out the online publishing scene in London. My thanks to my hosts Mike Butcher, Andy Hart, Ian Jindal, Jemima Kiss, Seamus McCauley, Nico MacDonald, Michael Troxler, Simon Waldman, Richard Withey, and the staffs of the Langham and Charlotte Street hotels, and those of Cigala, Oriel, Passione, Smiths of Smithfield restaurants.

My apologies to the people whose e-mails last week I haven’t yet replied, but the Langham’s charges of £0.50 per minute for broadband proved too daunting even on an expense account and T-Mobile UK’s GPRS net was a bit too slow for an Internet power user during a weeklong trip. Remind me to signup for T-Mobile’s Hotspots, which were widespread in London and airports. At US $19.95 per month, it would have been a good deal. — Vin Crosbie