Top 10 Magazine Digital Editions

More than 100 U.S. magazines, twice the number from a year ago, now count significant numbers of digital editions among their circulation figures, according to the auditing firm of BPA Worldwide. Here are the top ten as of December 2004:

  • eWeek 65,000 among 400,100 circulations (16.2 percent)
  • Computer Weekly 40,065 among 139,817 (28.7%)
  • Microsoft Certified Professional 39,092 among 119,092 (32.8%)
  • NASA Tech Briefs 31,179 among 190,428 (16.4%)
  • Electronic Weekly 16,853 among 43,498 (38.7%)
  • EDN 16,397 among 134,025 (12.2%)
  • ECN 16,324 among 126,020 (13.0%)
  • Computing 15,000 among 115,000 (13.0%)
  • SD Times 13,997 among 51,481 (27.2%)
  • Foreign Policy 13,804 among 103,589 (13.3%)
  • Cadalyst 12,442 among 62,818 (19.8%)

It’s perhaps no surprise that computer trade journals are most of those with the largest numbers and percentages, but the inclusion of Foreign Policy magazine shows that computer geeks aren’t the only users of digital editions. (A tip of my hat to Digital Magazine News for providing these figures.)

One Reply to “Top 10 Magazine Digital Editions”

  1. i used to drag MacWeek with me when I went to lunch or went home at night and read it cover to cover in print. Now, I get the E-week digital edition via e-mail and delete it and almost every week without opening it. It comes at the wrong time and it take too long to launch acrobat and open.
    There’s something to be said for the portability, readibility and usability of print.

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