It’s sometimes easy for new business ideas to blur the line between satire and reality. An example is the following idea we conceived while mulling over new markets for podcasting. Many users of iPods and other portable audio file players seem to use those devices during their every waking hour. So, we wondered if we could develop a business plan that would motivate many of those people to use the device during their other hours:

The result is a business we call Narcopoding. While you sleep, use your iPod device as a means to learn a foreign language or a college course or to kick a nasty habit such as smoking. We’ll produce and distribute subliminal audio programs that you can play while you sleep.

Screwy idea? Of course, but then was the Pet Rock or ‘herbal viagra’ or magic crystals or scores of other questionable products and fads that consumers have spent hundreds of millions of dollars purchasing year after year.

So, if anyone wants to contribute capital to form a narcopoding venture, you learned the concept here first and therefore owe us our choice of shares, warrants, or royalties. We’ll even throw in a free set of narcoleptic downloads.