Each Day on the Road Requires Three in the Office

NYTimes.com’s TimesSelect’s pyrrhic $11.5 million revenues demonstrate the One Percent conversion rule. The New York Times reports Schibsted’s online success. The Society for Newspaper Design names Äripev, El Economista, Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, and Politiken as the ‘World’s Best Designed’ newspapers. American Journalism Review profiles Adrian Holovaty. And Dr. Piet Bakker tracks the rise of free printed daily newspapers.

Today's Congratulations and Boos

Congratulations to Adrian Holovaty, Matt Thompson, and Inform Technologies. Boos to U.S. newspaper corporations for claiming that newsprint price increases are forcing them to cut staff (an excuse that Slate’s Jack Shafer roundly debunks) and boos to FIFA for banning immediate online publication or broadcast of digital images of the next World Cup.