The 'Wireless PDA' Strategy

There is a posting on the Online-News listserv today that asks this question about Sybase’s acquition of AvantGo:

Do you foresee this changing your wireless/PDA strategy? (Is that question moot?)

I think it’s sad to see American publishers mistake PDAs as having anything at all to do with wireless. Yes, I myself carry a MDA (Mobile Digital Assistant, a merged PDA and cell phone), but suchwireless devices have almost nothing to do with AvantGo’s type of service. How many truly wireless subscribers does AvantGo have? Hardly any. AvantGo users are chained to their desktop PCs; they must insert their PDAs into a cradle attached to a PC in order to use AvantGo. Nothing wireless there.

An example of real wireless is Short Messaging Services (SMS), delivery of regular Web pages to truly mobile wireless devices, and even the old Wireless Applications Protocol (WAP). For example, one of my clients,, sends one million SMS news messages per month (and earns gross annual revenues of nearly half a million Euros doing this). That’s a wireless strategy. But then, that’s outside of North America, where we’re two years behind everyone else in recognizing what true wireless is and can do.