New Google Toolbar Blocks Pop-Up Windows

The ability to block pop-up and pop-under ads, integrate with Blogger, and automatically fill out frequently used forms are three new features that Google released today in a new beta version of its popular toolbar for Internet Explorer. Users who download the toolbar into their Internet Explorer software can set it to block all pop-up and pop-under windows or only those from certain sites. The feature blocks advertising and editorial pop-up windows and will probably cause concern among the many major news sites, such as, that regularly utilize advertising pop-up windows or other sites that use Javascript pop-up windows for editorial or menu purposes. Oddly, the new toolbar doesn’t block pop-ups generated by third-party software, such as Gator. The new toolbar also features an AutoFill function that automatically fills out frequently used Web forms (such as name, password, credit card numbers, etc.) with a click of a button. The Mozilla and Opera browsers have long offered auto-filling and pop windows blocking features.

Google’s new toolbar also integrates with Blogger’s weblogging service. A ‘BlogThis’ button automatically lets users connect to Blogger and post to their weblogs there. Google purchased Blogger earlier this year. The new toolbar doesn’t integrate with other blogging software, such as Radio Userland or Six Apart’s Movable Type.