Dismal Year for British National Newspapers

Only two of the 10 British national dailies gained circulation during the past 12 months.

The Times dropped by over 10% to 631,653. The Daily Telegraph‘s circulation fell 8.8% to 915,206. The Guardian dropped 2.94% to 387,188. And the Financial Times lost 2.37% to 463,160 compared. the Independent‘s circulation fell 2.13 to 220,112. The Sunday publication Business was the only broadsheet daily to gain circulation, rising by a seemingly impressive 14%, although this was dimmed somewhat by the high number of foreign sales and the fact that nearly 30,000 of the paper’s UK sales were bulk giveaways.

Among the tabloids, the Daily Star was one of only two climbers, soaring once again by 29.26% to 869,884. The Daily Mirror‘s circulation fell by 7.93% to 1,948,870. The Sun fell by only 0.44% to 3,509,100. The Daily Mail remained relatively stable, up 0.01% to 2,412,619. And the Daily Express slipping 0.16% to 940,305.

In Scotland, the Scotsman fell nearly 8% to 69,841 and Daily Record declined 8.49% to 604,498 over the same period.