Unintentional House Arrest

He’s returned from across the pond, but this time continued across flyover country. Rafat Ali, editor & publisher of PaidContent.org, MocoNews.net, and European Digital Media Weekly, the commercial überblogger whose efforts makes Jason Calacanis’ look like a mom & pop shop, has moved his operations from rainy London to sunny Los Angeles. During the past 150 years, many people who have moved to the golden state have had delusions — finding gold, finding fame, finding fortune, etc. Ali reports that his delusion is:

    I plan NOT to buy a car…just a challenge to see how long I can survive without a car in this city!

In Los Angeles, that’s called being held in house arrest. The last pedestrian in California became extinct in 1958 (his remains are on exhibit at the La Brea Tar Pits).

Our best wishes to Ali on the move!

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  1. What was your temperature yesterday? I moved here with one delusion that turned out to actually happen- no more snow shovels.

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