FMH Magazine's Website Will Soon Be Advertising Hubcaps

Take the following with a grain of salt. According to Nielsen/Netratings, it’s the lists [pdf] of the 10 content categories with the strongest female and male broadband audiences in the United Kingdom during August:

Among Males (694,164 surveyed)
1. Automotive Parts & Accessories (popular among 80 percent surveyed)
2. Computer & Consumer Electronics News (77 percent)
3. Adult content (76 percent)
4. Long Distance/Local Carrier/Telecommunications (75 percent)
5. Other Automotive categories (72 percent)
6. Automotive Manufacturer (72 percent)
7. Online Trading or banking (71 percent)
8. Computer/ Electronics Hardware Manufacturers (70 percent)
9. Other Computers & Consumer Electronics categories (69 percent)
10. Financial News & Information (65 percent)

Among Females (368,205 surveyed)
1. Pets (popular among 65 percent of females)
2. Holidays & Special Events (61 percent)
3. Greeting Cards (57 percent)
4. Home & Fashion (56 percent)
5. Family resources (53 percent)
6. Apparel/Beauty (53 percent)
7. Other Events (52 percent)
8. Religion & Spirituality (50 percent)
9. Health, Fitness & Nutrition (50 percent)
10. Travel & Destinations (48 percent)

Yes, that’s right! When not occassionally being distracted online by adult content and trading, the blokes are busy online trying to figure out how to cram computers and phones into their autos. Odd that they’ve lost online interest in football and soccer now that they’ve got broadband? Meanwhile, the females are just being regular gals who own or want pets.

Blimey! If this data is accurate, expect to see FMH magazine’s website running a lot more broadband ads for hubcaps.

Nielsen/Netratings’ data so often leaves me scratching my head that I’m starting to lose my hair. Perhaps Rogaine is the U.K. men’s category number 11?

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