Pulitzer Prizes Jury Now Accepts Online Content Submissions

The Pulitzer Prize Board announced today that newspapers can now submit Breaking News Reporting and Breaking News Photography award category submissions that consist entirely of content published online. Newspapers also may submit online material as well as print content in all the other 12 journalism award categories, starting with the 2006 competition.

Since 1999, the board has allow online content only as supplementary content to Public Service award category submissions.

“The Board believes it has taken a significant step in recognition of the widening role of online journalism at newspapers,” said Sig Gissler, administrator of the Pulitzer Prizes. “The Board will continue to watch the evolution of this medium.”

In any category, the new Pulitzer Prize rules state, online material must be published on the newspaper’s Web site and, when submitted for competition, “must depict its original publication on the Web, not its subsequent update or alteration.”

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