Ongoing Redesign of this Site


We’re slowly updating this website’s design, work that we’ve been postponing for nearly a year.

The old site’s was created using Dreamweaver MX but the site’s blog portion was created using Moveable Type 2.6, and the two applications t didn’t match or interoperate well. Moreover, the Comment function of MT 2.6 became irreparably broken last summer when we added some third-party anti-blogspam software that didn’t work as promised (it did stop the blogspams and trackback spams — which had been arriving at a rate of about one per minute &#151 but also stopped the Comment functionality).

We’re happy with Dearmweaver MX, but know that MT 2.6 is out-of-date. So, the first step in this redesign has been to upgrade to MT 3.2. But that has taken a while because

  1. MT manufacturer Sixapart rather radically redesigned that software’s templates and stylesheets for MT 3.2 (the new default stylesheet is more than 700 lines long). We almost had to relearn MT almost from scratch.
  2. We work on the site — including bogging — only during our spare time between client assignments. Business has been good, so haven’t had much spare time.
  3. Most of all, the spring weather here in Connecticut has been spectacular (above is a camera phone picture from our office window this past weekend), so we’ve been loathe to stay indoors and work on this.

The upgrade to MT 3.2 has immediately restored all formerly disable blog functions (including Comments) and much better lets us battle blog spammers and trackback spammers. The new design, while narrow (we might adjust that), also cascades well when viewed on wireless PDAs and mobile phones

However, we’ve still a long way to go: This webpage needs to be restyled, as do the blog’s archives pages. The Staff, Clients, Speeches & Presentations pages and other site sections that were created with Dreamweaver MX are temporarily offline until we finalize and import the MT 3.2 styles into DMX. We’ll also then move this blog page from its current postion as Home page to being an internal webpage and we’ll replace it with a more commercial Home page for Digital Deliverance.

So, if you can’t find something here, let us know and we’ll send you some older hyperlinks in the interim. Sorry about an inconvenience. We plan to have everything redesigned and online by the end of the month. My thanks to Ron Currier, who acts as the company’s Chief Technology Officer, for doing the heavy lifting.

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