Know Media Within This Circle

Map from Visual Capitalist:

As my graduate students from the Americas and Europe know from my first week’s class lectures every year since 2007, if you truly want to master the world of Media Management, then you need to know the media industries within this important circle. Half of all humans live within it. And much of it is ‘cutting-edge’. For examples, South Korea is the most advanced online nation in the world and Japan and Singapore aren’t far behind (i.e., ahead of the U.S.). China and Vietnam certainly have censorship, but their people’s usage of mobile phones for media (or pretty well everything) is 8 to 10 years ahead of that in Europe and North America, and their usage of streaming media at least half that far ahead. Moreover, how can you ably teach an international class of students at a media school unless your own knowledge is international? Teach them the best practices and ‘cutting-edge’ of the world, not just those in your own nation.

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