CNN and Canopy

Among the world’s many companies that are working towards Individuation of news feeds is Canopy, which was recently acquired by Cable News Network (CNN) . Founded in 2018, Canopy’s launched an iPhone app called Tonic, which is now reportedly being wound down. The acquisition is apparently part of a CNN project known as ‘NewsCo’. Tonic used an algorithm which, among other equations, used differential privacy data base mathematics to prevent publisher, broadcasters, and other third-parties from obtaining the topical news choices of Tonic’s individual users, while providing those users with a customized (although not actually fully individuated) feed of news according to their needs, interests, and tastes. What that means is any user could choose which general topics he wanted but that Canopy chose the selection of content providers from which a user can obtain those choices. We have no relationships with Canopy or CNN. However, we speculate that CNN will utilize Canopy’s technologies to make CNN the sole content provider and will aim to launch a customized news feed for’s users.

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