January 4, 2021

R.I.P., Tiffany Shackleford, Executive Director of the Society of News Design

Tiffany Shackleford, age 46, died on December 27, 2020, of complications from COVID-19, leaving a husband and son. She was the executive director of the Society of News Design (SND), an international organization for professionals working in the news media industry whose specialty is graphic design, illustration, web design and infographics. She was well regarded throughout the industry. Tiffany had previously been the chief strategy officer of the U.S. National Governor Association. The SND has created a memorial webpage for her.

In Other News

Adobe has finally ended all support for Adobe Flash (1996-2020), the British Broadcasting Corporation reports. During the early years of the World Wide Web, Adobe Flash software had been a major means of delivering graphics, animations, and video. However, it suffered from security problems and eventually became obsolete as the Web’s HyperText Market Language improved its own capabilities. Nevertheless, Datanyze reports that at least 60,000 websites still use Adobe Flash and that it still retains a 6 percent market share.

Speaking of ceasing support, the camera industry in Japan likely isn’t happy about Nikon‘s announcement that it will after 70 years cease camera production in that nation, relying instead on production in Thailand (where, by the way, most Canon, Nikon, and Sony digital cameras are already produced). The Canon Rumors website has an English translation of Nikon’s announcement.

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