2025 World Media Economics and Management Conference: Warsaw

The University of Warsaw’s promotional video about WMEMC 2025

I presented my latest paper, Did the Newspaper Industry’s 20th Century Experiments with Videotext Lead its 21st Century Business Models Astray?, during this year’s biennial World Media Economics and Management Conference in Seoul, South Korea. My previous paper, Individuated Media in the Informational Era, was presented at the previous WMEMC conference in Rome during 2021, and subsequently published in the Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability. And I’ve attended, choosing not to submit anything for presentation at, WMEMC prior conferences in Cape Town in 2019 and New York City in 2017. I’m pleased to hear that WMEMC’s next conference will be held May 20-24 in Warsaw, a city which I’ve never visited but would like to see.

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