The Future Smartphone Will Be Without Apps

I wholeheartedly agree with this five-minute video story by Android Authority that the smartphone of the future won’t have or use Apps (i.e., individual single-purpose software applications) but instead simply use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to communicate/find/view.obtain/what its users wants.

Gullible Billions of People Aren’t Prepared for This's Sora video

I fear that a ‘golden age’ of ‘deceptive propaganda and deceptive marketing has begun now that realistic-appearing artificial videos can now be created by machine learning and Artificial Intelligences.

Hacking via ChatGPT

Hey, you folks, experimenting with ChatGPT’s Artificial Intelligence for journalism or other reasons. Have you considered it unfortunately can also be used for hacking? This guy has, as he demonstrates. Twitter owner Elon Musk is shutting down the Revue emailed newsletter service,…