The Future Smartphone Will Be Without Apps

I wholeheartedly agree with this five-minute video story by Android Authority that the smartphone of the future won’t have or use Apps (i.e., individual single-purpose software applications) but instead simply use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to communicate/find/view.obtain/what its users wants.

Gullible Billions of People Aren’t Prepared for This's Sora video

I fear that a ‘golden age’ of ‘deceptive propaganda and deceptive marketing has begun now that realistic-appearing artificial videos can now be created by machine learning and Artificial Intelligences.

The Story of ‘Chicken Little’ and the Robot reporter

Although the folk tale of Hane Pene [Danish: ‘Rooster Pene’) was originally Scandinavian, I tend to think of it as American whenever North Americans talk about forms of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Dane. ¬†Just Mathias Thiele in 1823 published one of the…