Jim Chishold to Speak at 'Beyond the Printed Word'

chisholm-100.gif There are two people who have more knowledge than anyone else about how to revive the newspaper industry, and one of them is iMedia Joint Principal Jim Chisholm.

As co-chairman and co-moderator of the 14th annual Beyond the Printed Word conference next month in Vienna, I’m pleased to hear that Jim has kindly agreed to speak there on the topic of newspapers’ use of video

Chisholm is the joint principal of iMedia, a joint consulting venture with Ifra. He has spent nearly a quarter decade in the newspaper industry; was the commercial director of the Scottish Daily Record and Sunday Mail, and was formerly the strategy advisor to the World Association of Newspapers and director of its Shaping the Future of the Newspaper project.

The addition of him to the 14th annual Beyond the Printed Word conference on November 9-10 finalizes its schedule:

Thursday, 9th November
10.15-11.00 hrs., Keynote address, The new web 2.0 players: MySpace, YouTube, Flickr — What can we learn? by Robert S. Cauthorn, CEO, CityTools, USA.
11.30-12.15 hrs., Launching a community site: www.stomp.com.sg, by Jennifer Lewis, Editor, STOMP, The Straits Times, Singapore Press Holdings, Singapore.
12.15-13.00 hrs., Buying a community site: www.familjeliv.se, by Gunnar Springfeldt, Development Director, Stampen Group, Sweden.
14.30-15.00 hrs., Traditional media and the blogosphere, by Colin Daniels, Acting-Director, New Media Lab, Rhodes University, South Africa.
15.00-15.30 hrs., Decentralised content- will there ever be a business model? by Simon Waldman, Digital Director, The Guardian, UK.
16.00-16.45 hrs., Local Search- Sesam, by Mikal Rohde, CEO, Sesam, Norway.
16.45-17.30 hrs., Search Marketing, by Julie Rutherford, Marketing Director, Washingtonpost.com, USA.

Friday, 10th November
9.15-10.15 hrs., Keynote address: Innovative uses of digital media, by Rob Curley, VP New Product Development, Washingtonpost. Newsweek Interactive, USA.
10.15-11.00 hrs., Web TV & Video, by Jim Chisholm, iMedia, France.
11.30-12.15 hrs. Young Persons Panel: What news formats do they like & why?, featuring students from the International School in Vienna.
12.15-13.00 hrs., Digital Success down under, by Mike van Niekerk, Managing Editor, Fairfax Digital, Australia.
14.30-15.15 hrs., New revenue ideas, by Kyoo Kim, VP Sales, msnbc.com, USA.
15.15-16.00 hrs., Online classifieds – Speurders.nl, by Quintin Schevernels, Managing Director, Telegraaf Classified Media, The Netherlands.

Annelies van den Belt, the new media director of the Telegraph Group Ltd., UK, is my fellow co-chairman and co-moderator of the conference.

This roster is nearly my dream team for new media. Only the lack of a third conference day prevents it from being perfect. I’d probably add Steve Yelvington of Morris Digital Works, former El Mundo graphics wizard Alberto Cairo, and — did I earlier say that the there was another person besides Chisholm who has more knowledge than anyone else about how to revive the newspaper industry? International Newspaper Marketing Association Executive Director Earl Wilkinson.

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