The First Innovative Thing I’ve Posted in Seven Years

My reputation as a New Media consultant to the news industry, including my appointment since 2007 to teach postgraduate New Media Business at Syracuse’s Newhouse School, largely result from work I did long ago. For ten years beginning in 1993, I helped…

Interviewed by Kommersant, Russian’s Leading Business Newspaper

Kommersant of Moscow interviews Vin Crosbie about the future of the world’s printed newspaper industry . (Google English translation)

New Media Business Course Syllabi

For the past four years, I’ve been teaching a New Media Business for media course at Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. It was originally open just to postgraduate students, but a few years ago we opened it to select…

Personalize Media 2011 Keynote Speech

[34-minute PowerPoint video of keynote speech opening the fifth annual Personalize MEdia Conference (formerly Individuated Media conferences), Boulder, Colorado. June 20, 2011. How traditional media companies have gone astray by misperceiving consumers’ switch from analog to digital formats to be the greatest trend…

Chisholm States Why Charging For Newspaper Websites Is Self-Destructive

Jim Chisholm, the world’s expert about newspaper operations, tells why newspapers charging for their websites are self-destructive.

The Epochal Change That The Rise of Social Media Demarcates

Whenever anyone from the traditional media industries writes, blogs, or tweets about Social Media, they miss the point. I find this so exasperating that I want to stab them with the point. Here is my thrust: When newspaper, magazine, radio, and television…

Regarding Academic Research and Fatuous Reporting About Trouble Media Industries

Many of the media industries for which journalism and media professors prepare students are, if not yet dying, seriously ill, stumbling if not yet in collapse due to titanic changes underway. Ten days ago, I published here a call for American journalism…

Singaporean TV News Coverage

Singapore Media Lecture

TV news coverage of the third annual Media Lecture, delivered by Prof. Vin Crosbie on July 14, 2010, at the Drama Center of the National Library of Singapore.

An ‘Unnatural’ Conference About Online Media Business Models

Come to a New Media business models conference in which the Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications is inviting only speakers who we think have the answer—regardless where they are from or what they’re rank, specialists who together have all the facets of the solution and will be working in coordination with each other at the conference.

EPublishing Innovations Forum 2008

My opening keynote speech from EPublishing Innovations Forum 2008, London, May 7, 2008. Why 1.3 billion people have gravitate online despite their already having access to mass media in much more convenient formats than online. Why the fragmentation of audiences is an illusion. Why traditional newspapers’ and news magazines’ circulations, and news broadcasts’ viewerships, must ineluctably evaporate. Why most newspapers’ and news magazines’ and news broadcasters’ Web sites won’t save their companies. Why people will be even better served by New Media than by Mass Media. And why the change today is even greater than that during Gutenberg’s era.

Payment for Online Content is Far From Dead, Despite TimesSelect's Demise

I hate to rain on the parade of pundits who hail TimesSelect’s demise as proving paid content is dead. Thought payment for the traditional one-to-many package of news content, or even a subsection of it, is dead; people will be willing to pay for customized news services that exactly match from all sources each of their individual needs.

Supply & Demand and 'Unpackaging' on Newspaper Content Online

Why news publications that withold some content from online, charge for ‘premium’ online content, or give access to some online content only to print subscribers are not only failing to stem their print circulation erosion but also reducing their sites’ online growth and potential.

Online Video Increased 80%, radio 76%, in 2004

AccuStream iMedia Research reports that the number of video streams online increased by more than 80 percent last year, for a total of 14.2 billion streams. Almost 80 percent of those streams were broadband (defined as 100 Kbps or higher). One of…

Digital Newspaper Strategies at the Financial Times

A month ago, I’d mentioned Nigel Pocklington‘s appointment to the newly created role of director of online publishing for the Financial Times. From London, Kieren McCarthy points me to an article he wrote today in The Independent about Pocklington’s role at…

Monitoring the Health of Paid Content for Physicians

My latest column for Jupitermedia’s marketing site ClickZ is online. It examines how the New England Journal of Medicine is publishing paid online content. My thanks to the quite competent Kent Anderson of NEJM and to my clients, the trustees of the…

Paid Content Presentations in London

Next week in London, Anne Ridyard (top left), the associate publisher at IDG magazines in the UK, and Richard Withey (right), global director of interactive media for Independent News & Media Plc, and managing director of Independent Digital (UK) Limited, will give…


During the past 10 days, we’ve been taking time away from consulting and also from posting here. Instead, we’ve been working on two new projects: A report about paid online content (which we plan to publish next month); And a report about…

Donn Friedman's 10 Steps From Free to Fee

Although last month I harshly questioned the Albuquerque Journal‘s, decision to charge for access to its Web site, I think that the individual steps that Donn Friedman, the newspaper’s Assistant Managing Editor for Production Technology and New Media Innovations, had formulated deserve…